Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 6.12.2018.

2018 Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted Recognised importance of forming the House of Peoples in line with the Constitutional Court ruling

The Committee of Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament adopted at its todaz s meeting the Commission Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina for the year 2018. The Report calls on the country to implement the key constitutional, electoral and political reforms in order to advance the EU integration process.

MEP Zovko s amendments, appealing to adoption of the Election Law and formation of the House of Peoples of the Federation of BiH in line with the Constitutional Court rulings, referring to the joint statement of the Union High Representative and Vice-President of the Commission Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Hahn, were included into the Report on BiH.

Zovko pointed out to the importance of reaching a compromise in the process of formation of authorities in BiH, which must reflect the principle of legitimate representation of all constituent peoples. In regard to the issue of legitimate representation of all three constituent peoples, which was addressed also by previous resolutions of the European Parliament, Zovko stressed that it was of uttermost importance to implement a whole range of reforms, including adoption of the changed Election Law in line with the Constitutional Court rulings, so that Bosnia and Herzegovina may transform into a fully effective, inclusive and functional state.

Furthermore, Zovko s amendments call for adoption of curricula which take into account the cultural and linguistic diversity of constituent peoples, as well as for ensuring full pluralism and cultural diversity in media, so that all communities may have access to information in all official languages of BiH.

MEP Zovko appealed in her amendments also to standardisation of criminal legislation for war crimes and to protection of independence and dignity of journalists researching those war crime cases, which have not been prosecuted yet.

The Report was adopted by 33 votes to 7, with 2 abstentions.


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