Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 8.9.2017.

EU should be parallelly working on finding standing political solutions for BiH to facilitate implementation of infrastructural projects

Brussels, 30 August 2017 – Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko attended today the session of the European Parliament Committee of Foreign Affairs and the discussion about the report from the Western Balkans Summit, presented by Michel Giacomelli, Special Envoy of the Italian Foreign Ministry for the Western Balkans Summit. The 2017 Western Balkans Summit was held in July in Trieste as the fourth annual summit within the Berlin process.

The Special Envoy Giacomelli pointed out in his address how important the establishment of infrastructural relations between economies and people was for regional cooperation. In addition, he informed that participants of the Summit reached an agreement on financing of various projects in the field of energy, infrastructure and strengthening of small and medium enterprises and signed the Transport Community Treaty. He expressed his regret with the fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina did not sign the Treaty.

Members of the European Parliament addressed criticism to Bosnia and Herzegovina for having been the only one of the six countries which did not sign the Treaty at the Trieste Summit.

MEP Zovko congratulated on the well organised Summit and mentioned the key problems faced by BiH which frequently bring the country into the position as the one when it was not able to sign the mentioned Treaty.

MEP Zovko asked Special Envoy Giacomelli whether he recognized the urgency when it came to resolving of the key problems in BiH, such as reform of the Election Law and of the Constitution, needed for establishing permanent peace and stability in the country.

In addition, Zovko suggested that the EU should launch an initiative for resolving the political issues which were of uttermost importance for implementation of infrastructural projects.

Concluding her address, Zovko commended once again excellent organisation of the Trieste Summit and added that Italy had once again shown its excellent knowledge of the region. The Summit has further confirmed the presence of the European Union and its support to reconstruction of reconciliation between the countries of the Western Balkans.

The 2018 Western Balkans Summit within the Berlin process will be held in London.


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