Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 18.5.2017.

MEP Zovko: Bosnia and Herzegovina must launch fundamental constitutional reforms

Brussels, 29 November 2016 – The member of the European Parliament, Željana Zovko, has delivered today her first speech before the Foreign Affairs Committee, on which occasion she has commented on the motion for European Parliament Resolution on 2016 Commission Report on Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Zovko pointed out to three significant factors as follows: “Bosnia and Herzegovina must launch fundamental constitutional changes.“ She furthermore referred to the Election Law issue, especially in relation to the City of Mostar, a city without elections for three election rounds in sequence. She also called for depoliticisation of judiciary, professional performance of duties and avoidance of pompous actions as it was the case in Orašje, which have no benefits whatsoever than to cause divisions in the society.


Zovko concluded her speech with the following statement: “The purpose of the new Resolution on Bosnia and Herzegovina is to finally address all obstacles to European processes in BiH and encourage a true orientation to reforms.“

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