Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 30.11.2018.

MEP Zovko delivered a lecture at the Faculty of Law in Split

MEP Željana Zovko delivered on 9 November 2018 a lecture at the Faculty of Law in Split titled Position and status of Croats in BiH. The lecture was held under the auspices of the Dean of the Faculty of Law in Split prof. Mirko Klarić and the ELSA Split. Before the lecture, MEP Zovko announced the lecture in the show on Radio Split. She also presented her activities in the European Parliament.

The numerous audience of the lecture had an opportunity to hear about various factors which brought the BiH Croats into the situation in which they are deprived of their rights, such as a failure to adopt changes and amendments to the Election Law, to which Zovko had been constantly warning in the last two years in the European Parliament, election of the Croat member of the BiH Presidency by majority of Bosniac voters and violation of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

As explained by Zovko, the BiH Presidency was the established under assumption of equality of all three comunities, as well as peace and stability, set by the Dayton Peace Agreement. However, the DPA had been constantly violated and the new Election Law had not been adopted yet. Therefore, the current situation in BiH must be urgently changed. Zovko added that the Republic of Croatia, as a guarantor of the DPA, had been actively working through its foreign policy on resolving the issue of the current situation in BiH, highly aware of the fact that instability directly affects economy, tourism and safety of the Republic of Croatia and of the entire European Union.

Zovko  concluded the lecture by urging the young people to educate themselves and focus on these issues, becuase they were the ones who were going to shape the future of the European Unon.

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