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Objavljeno: 29.1.2018.

MEP Zovko hosted more than 40 visitors from Zagreb, Osijek and Krk

Strasbourg, 12 December 2017 – Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko has hosted this week in the European Parliament in Strasbourg more than 40 visitors from Zagreb, Osijek and Krk, who had an opportunity to see how the EP functions and how decisions are made which have a direct impact on the life of all EU citizens.

The visitors were members of the Youth Forum and the Women’s Club of the Association of Bosnian Croats “Prsten“ from Zagreb, students of the Faculty of Economy of Osijek, who have for 6 years in a row participated in the 227 km ultramarathon Vukovar-Srebrenica and young ambassadors from the Secondary school “Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir“, who were awarded the official status of the EP School of Young Ambassadors by MEP Zovko in October this year.  The visitors attended a presentation about the institutions of the European Union, in which they learnt about the procedure of laws adoption at the EU level, procedure of budget adoption, activities of the Croatian MEPs in the EP, opportunities of using EU funds and programmes for young people, such as Erasmus +.

Furthermore, the visitors had a direct insight into the work of the MEP Zovko and her everyday activities, especially her working day when a plenary session is held in Strasbourg.

They also visited the plenary room, where the MEP Zovko explained the procedure of adopting the key decision, relevant for all EU citizens, including them. The visitors also saw the newly opened Planetarium, where the procedures of laws creation and decision-making are presented in a dynamic and interactive way through multimedia tools.

MEP Zovko said during the visit:

“I am so happy that the young EP ambassadors have today had an opportunity to see in practice the stuff they learnt in the EP Young Ambassadors School project.

I am particularly honoured to host the marathoners who are for the 6th year in sequence running the 227 km ultramarathon Ovčara – Potočari in the eve of the Srebrenica anniversary. That is how they are connecting two victim-towns and sending a message of peace and tolerance.

It is also a great pleasure to host the students of the Faculty of Economy of Osijek and members of the “Prsten“ Association, which acts as a bridge between the two countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The main mission of the Association is to promote and protect tradition, culture, economic cooperation, socialisation and humanitarian work of Croatians in the Republic of Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to preserve the fundamental values and unity of the Croatian nation and its prosperity.“

The visitors presented the MEP Zovko with symbolical gifts – handicraft, a monograph on Krk and a photograph of the marathoners from their way from Vukovar to Srebrenica.

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