Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 6.11.2017.

MEP Zovko met with Davor Spevec

Bruxelles, 18 October 2017 – Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko has met today Davor Spevec, Head of the Croatian National Protection and Rescue Information and Communication System, within the programme “Meet your MEP”.

Representatives of Protection and Rescue Services from the member-countries had an opportunity to meet MEPs from their countries. The event was organized by the European Emergency Society.

Spevec informed MEP Zovko about their everyday activities and possibilities of improvement through the work of the State Protection and Rescue Administration.

MEP Zovko expressed her support to the activities of the State Protection and Rescue Administration in managing the operational forces and coordinating the protection and rescue activities of all participants.

Zovko commended their mission to maintain the modern system of protection and rescue in the Republic of Croatia capable of satisfying the requirements of protecting people, property and environment in danger or accidents and to respond to other challenges of modern society. She particularly stressed their willingness to cooperate and provide help to the neighbouring countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, when it was affected by fires and floods.

MEP Zovko invited members of the State Protection and Rescue Administration to be her guest in the European Parliament next year.

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