Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 5.5.2020.

Zagreb summit on WB6 is important to signal that Croatia is the most affected EU Member State by actual and potential instability in the region

Split, 5 May 2020

Member of the European Parliament and EPP Vice-coordinator for foreign affairs Željana Zovko welcomes the organisation of the Zagreb Summit of 6 May. “The European Union and its Member States will use the momentum to reaffirm the European perspective for the region, including the political and financial commitment. In addition, as main event during the Croatian Presidency, the Zagreb summit on Wb6 is important to signal that Croatia is the most affected EU Member State by actual and potential instability in the region,” Zovko stated. The event will also give the Western Balkan countries an opportunity to affirm their adherence to the rule of law, democracy and continued reforms.

“Especially in these times of crisis, we have shown that the EU is in solidarity with its partners in the Western Balkans. As an example of our close connection with the region, this Summit will also highlight our mutual support in tackling the current pandemic,” Zovko stated. The EU has mobilised over €3.3 billion for Western Balkans and showed their special relationship with the region by granting access to additional European Support instruments.

As rapporteur for the new Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance, Zovko also called for a continued mutual commitment to the enlargement process. She emphazised the importance of the respect for fundamental values, democratic and accountable institutions and the rule of law and said that the European Union will further assist the partners in the Western Balkans with improving their institutional framework, fighting against crime and corruption and enhancing democracy.

The summit is organised 20 years after the Zagreb Summit, the first ever EU leaders Summit with participation of delegations from South East Europe. “Thanks the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the European integration of the Western Balkans is back among at the top of the EU agenda. This high-level meeting is, next to the opening of the negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania, one of the key achievements of the Croatian presidency,” Zovko concluded

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