Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 3.7.2019.

Zovko becomes deputy coordinator in the committee of foreign affairs

Strasbourg 03.07.2019

During the first week of July, the members of the European Parliament gathered in Strasbourg for the official opening of the new legislature. Besides the election of the President of the Parliament, the members also decided upon the distribution of the different committees and relevant key positions within their political groups.

MEP Zovko was appointed as full member of the foreign affairs committee (AFET) and substitute member of the committee on security and defence (SEDE) as well as in the committee of culture and education (CULT).

As member of the AFET committee, Ms Zovko was also elected as deputy coordinator for the EPP Group. Together with the elected coordinator Michael Gahler, she will prepare the policy guidelines of the EPP Group and will be involved in the organisation of the committee’s work Coordinators are the nexus mediating between individual MEPs, national party delegations that citizens voted for and the European party group.

The election of Ms Zovko as deputy coordinator is a clear appreciation of the EPP members in AFET for her contributions to the committee during the previous mandate. Ms Zovko stated that she is grateful for the support and is looking forward to continue her efforts to work on the EU foreign policy.

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