Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 28.11.2019.

Zovko calls upon the EU to be an honest broker in the Israel-Palestine relations

Strasbourg 27 November 2019,

On Wednesday 27 November, the European Parliament held a debate on the recent developments between Israel and Palestine. Željana Zovko, EPP vice coordinator for the Foreign Affairs Committee, contributed to the plenary discussion by emphasizing the importance to bring peace to the Middle East. This can be achieved by starting to open the channels of communication.

Zovko emphasized that Israel is an important partner for the European Union and we need to maintain good relations with the Middle East. “To end the conflict and to contribute to security and stability in the region the European Union has to remain relevant as an honest and balanced broker in the future political process between Israel and Palestine.  Lasting peace can be based only on enduring commitment on non-violence justice and mutual recognition, building upon previous agreements and legal obligations.” Zovko hopes that Israel and Palestine live soon side by side in peace within secure and recognized borders.

Lastly, Zovko mentioned her concerns that Israel has been singled out many times in the UN Human rights council. The Israeli- Palestine situation is the only region-based fixed agenda point on the official meetings of the Human Rights organisation. “This is not just, Israel should not be the only country that is being treated separately from other countries”.

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