Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 16.7.2019.

Zovko: Established peace and security in the Western Balkans should not be taken for granted

Strasbourg 16 July

On Tuesday 16 July, MEP Željana Zovko addressed the plenary meeting of the European Parliament. As vice-coordinator of the EPP group for the Foreign affairs committee, she expressed her opinion on the recent implementation report of the EU Global Strategy.

Ms Zovko welcomes this report since it reminds us of the relevance to have a coherent and credible foreign policy and outlines our common achievements in the recent years. Most importantly, it provides an overview of those matters we still need to invest in.

During her speech, Ms Zovko emphasizes that, given the recent developments in a volatile international environment, the European Union, more than ever before, needs an ambitious implementation of this Strategy. Only this way, the EU keeps up with the changes and challenges that it is facing.

According the Croatian representative, this Strategy must aim to establish an international order, based on justice. It will help us to share our values together with our interests across the world in order to create

more balanced approach to multilateralism.

Finally, Ms Zovko strongly welcomes the actions taken to improve the relations with our Southern and Eastern neighbours. One needs to focus on the cooperation with these regions, in particular with the Western Balkans, where established peace and security should not be taken for granted. Stronger interaction and a clear path towards accession is vital for the peace and security in this region this region as well as for the EU as a whole.


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