Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 28.11.2019.

Zovko: The EU provided the Eastern Neighbourhood a window of opportunities to improve their societies

Strasbourg, 27 November 2019

During the debate in the parliamentary plenary session on the Eastern Neighbourhood developments, Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko expressed her support for the EU’s achievements in the region and called for a continuation on the same path. 

“Together with the foreign affairs committee and all of us who are working hard in the region, we want to get the citizens of these countries to understand that European values are the only values that will transform their societies and will make them better and we will continue working on it.”

As EPP vice coordinator for the Foreign Affairs Committee and as standing rapporteur Azerbaijan, Zovko focuses closely on the European relations with the Eastern Neighbourhood countries. Because of the current developments in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, Zovko emphasised that the EU should strengthen its efforts in order to bring these countries back on the right track. 

“We have provided visa free travel and all the opportunities for the young people. We have provided them a window of opportunities to see how much the European Union can contribute to better their societies. I hope that this Parliament and the new Commission will continue on its path and that they will have the strongest allies in us.”

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