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Objavljeno: 6.11.2017.

Zovko hosted the young people from BiH in the European Parliament

Strasbourg, 24 October 2017 – Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko hosted this week the visitors from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. A group of more than 30 young people from Mostar had an opportunity during a three-day stay in Strasbourg to learn about the work and functioning of the European Parliament, where decisions directly affecting lives of all EU citizens are made.

The visitors attended the lecture about the EU institutions, at which they heard about the process of adopting regulations at the EU level, budgeting procedure, activities of Croatian members in the EP, possibilities of using the EU funds and the EU programmes for youth such as Erasmus +.

Furthermore, the visitors learnt about the everyday activities of the MEP Zovko and saw on site how her work day looked like when the plenary sessions are held in Strasbourg.

The visitors also saw the main meeting room just before opening of the plenary session, in which key decisions are made which directly affect lives of all EU citizens, including them. They visited the newly opened Planetarium, in which the process of regulations creation and decision-making in the EP is presented in a dynamic and interactive way on various multimedia tools.

As the Chairman of the BiH Presidency Mr. Dragan Čović was in Strasbourg at the same time for the exchange of views with the EP Committee on Foreign Affairs, the young visitors from BiH first had a short meeting with the head of their state and then attended the exchange of views, where they had an opportunity to see first-hand how the AFET was functioning.

In addition, the young visitors from BiH met Mr. David McAllister, Chairman of the AFET, who welcomed them at the beginning of the session and expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the visitors from BiH attended the MEPs’ exchange of views with Mr. Čović.

At the end of the visit, the visitors presented Ms. Zovko with handmade gifts from the students of the School for Children with Special Needs Mostar as a sign of their gratitude for Zovko’s support to their work.

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