Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 4.12.2018.

Zovko participated in the conference on the Western Balkans

Brussels,  16 October 2018


MEP Željana Zovko has participated today in the conference on the Western Balkans titled “EU – WESTERN BALKANS: HOW TO BUILD THE COMMON FUTURE”. The Conference, organised by the Group of EPP representatives, gathered the leaders from the Western Balkans to consider together the challenges faced by the countries from the region on their path to the EU.

Besides the organisor, MEP Andrey Kovatchev and the EPP President Joseph Daul,the conference was attended by the Chairman of the Group of EPP representatives in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber and many other prominent European officials, MEPs, experts and members of national parliaments.

Zovko took part in the panel “Enhancing Social and Economic Development by Regional Interconnection and Digital Economy” with the Chair of the BiH Presidency Bakir Izetbegović, Deputy Head of the Group of SNS representatives in the Parliamentary Assembly Vladimir Orlić and President of the Democratic Party of Albania Lulzim Basha.

MEP Zovko expressed her concern with the post-elections situation in BiH, where a failure to resolve the oustanding issues with the Election Law and and a failure to adopt the changed Election Law caused a severe political crisis. It happened for the third time already that the smallest community was outvoted by the largest community in the Federation of BiH in the race for the state Presidency member, having thus been deprived of its legitimate representative.

The policy from the last 20 years of attempting to build a society in which the majority may outvote the minority highly polarises the country and sharply divides the three communiities exposing them to external malevolent influences.

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