Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 17.4.2019.

Zovko: “Rimac should be an example for European R&D support”

Strasbourg 17 April,

During today’s plenary session in Strasbourg, the members of the European Parliament adopted the report on the Horizon Europe program. MEP Željana Zovko, who has been the EPP rapporteur of the DEVE opinions, applauds this great result.

Zovko emphasised that the Horizon Europe program should create opportunities to finance, establish and maintain inclusive societies by supporting local inventors, entrepreneurs and industrialists.

According to MEP Zovko, the EU should focus on projects such as Rimac Industries. The young Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac managed to realise his dream by founding an electric hypercar manufacturer that not only gained world fame for its astonishing products but also boosted the Croatian economy by the creation of hundreds of jobs.

Thanks to European financial support such as Horizon Europe that fosters the EU’s competitiveness, local inventors can invest in their research and development in order build their own Rimac story.

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