Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 6.3.2019.

Zovko speaks about the importance of youth participation in the Western Balkans

Brussels, 6 March

Based on her experience with peace and security issues in the Western Balkans, MEP Željana Zovko was invited to speak on a conference of the EPP group regarding youth participation in the region. Together with representatives of European Youth Organisations and EPP Sister Parties Youth Organisations, Ms Zovko shared her views on the possible impact of youth contribution for the promotion of the reconciliation process.

The first debate focused on the role of youth contribution to restore trust among Western Balkan countries. This topic was followed by a discussion on the role of the European Union in the support of regional cooperation and the reconciliation process.

Although Ms. Zovko pointed at the relatively low cross-border cooperation of youth organisations in the region, despite huge investments since the Berlin Process, she was very hopeful and recognised the young generation as one that seems to be willing to act. Ms. Zovko advised: “don’t talk only about history that divides you. Be inspired by the example of successful projects that brought European youth together and history will follow.” Ms. Zovko also encouraged the youth organisations to find a project that has a positive impact and to establish a constructive cooperation for it.

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