Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 27.5.2020.

Zovko welcomes Borrell vision of independent EU role on world stage, praises EEAS lead in Northern Africa and calls for the EU lead in Western Balkans

Brussels/Split May 26, 2020
In a joint extraordinary meeting, the members of the Committee on Security and Defence (SEDE) and of the Committee of Foreign Affairs (AFET) hosted an exchange of views with High Representative of Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell. The main topic was the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the security and defense capabilities of the European Union and the situation in CSDP missions and operations, but also other security related issues were part of the discussion.

In her intervention, Željana Zovko, who is a member of SEDE and the EPP Vice Coordinator for AFET, stated that she took note of the statement of the High Representative that the European Union should have an independent vision and an independent way in foreign affairs and security policies. Zovko said that this is especially the case in the Sahel and that future programs such as NDICI and the European Peace Facility will help to secure and response to the challenges the EU is facing with a lack of proper equipment for our partners. “In this case, the European Union can play this new role and have a better vision for its own security,” Zovko said. 

Zovko also expressed her concern that on the other hand, in the Western Balkans, the European Union has not been taken the lead for the last 25 years, it was just following. Zovko asked the High Representative what the EU will do in this respect. She said that on many occasions, when policies were failing, the European Union was criticized in the Congress of the United States and in the American media. “Are you planning to play a leading role in our own proximities as well?” Zovko concluded.

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