Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 17.6.2020.

Zovko welcomes the political agreement on the electoral law in Mostar

Brussels 17 June 2020,


Today the political leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina adopted an agreement on the electoral law for Mostar. The agreement means the end of a 12 year deadlock that prevented the residents of Mostar to organize municipal elections. Croatian Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko, welcomes the outcome of the negotiations. „As Mostarian, this is a great moment. I am happy that the citizens of Mostar can elect their local representatives again.“ Zovko stated that it is important that the agreement will be realized via the adoption of the legislative amendments by the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The agreement has also an impact for the European future of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The EU included the possibility to hold local elections among the 14 priorities that were listed to the EU membership application of the Western Balkan country. „In the European Parliament’s report to Bosnia and Herzegovina, we also mentioned this conditionality. After repeated calls to implement the recommendations, it pleases me that with this agreement, Bosnia and Herzegovina takes an important step towards European integration.

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