Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 29.1.2018.

Zovko with young ambassadors of the European Parliament in Split

Split, 1 December 2017 – Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko has visited today the Schools of Young EP Ambassadors in Split – School for Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction and Fourth Grammar School “Marko Marulić”.

Students of these secondary schools participated in this year’s “School of Young EP Ambassadors” programme, in which they learnt with the help of their mentors Marijela Gulin and Natalija Palčić about the mode of work and functioning of the European Union, especially the European Parliament and responsibilities of MEPs and common European values and rights of the EU citizens.

The participants of the programme and their mentors organised workshops in their own and in the neighbouring schools, as well as various public discussions, celebration of the Day of Europe, quizzes and games. They also created various presentations, posters, short films and participated in the grand annual school exhibition in the “Emanuel Vidović” Gallery.

MEP Zovko pointed out that it was very important for the students to learn as early as possible about the way of functioning of the European Union and the possibilities it offers to its citizens. She furthermore said that the MEPs participate in the process of adopting decisions and policies which have a direct impact on everyday work of all EU citizens. She mentioned the example of the programme for young people Erasmus+, which is focused on improving knowledge and skills, as well as education, qualification, work in youth- and sport-related areas and employment of the European citizens.

Zovko congratulated the secondary schools’ students, principals and teachers who participated in the promotion of the European values and stressed that they well deserved the official status of the School of Young EP Ambassadors.


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