Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 19.9.2019.

MEP Zovko: “It would be unusual for me to take over the duty of EU Rapporteur for BiH”

Strasbourg, 19 September

It would be very unusual of me to take this duty as a citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the unspoken rule, which is however strictly applied by the international institutions, a citizen of the respective country is not to be appointed to such a position. This is the rule I respect and whatever I have to say on the topic of Bosnia and Herzegovina has already been expressed through earlier Resolutions of the Parliament. When it comes to the most recent issues in BiH, I must express my concern with the recent developments.

The centralism from the SDA Declaration is against the very substance and the spirit of the EP Resolutions, where two thirds of the MEPs voted against centralisation. What the European Parliament recommends is a mid-path between Izetbegović’s, Komšić’s and Nikšić’s unitarism and separatism, which could be requested by Dodik.

Resolutions of the European Parliament recommend federalisation, to be built according to the European models, such as Belgian, Swiss or similar models, in which all communities have their rights and will protected.

If Messrs. Izetbegović, Komšić and Nikšić really want a civil society, built according to the American model – “one man = one vote”, they should come up with a solution for three civil units and they should prepare themselves for “redistricting“ – the American way of securing equal representation and protection of minorities and all ethnic communities.

I am supporting the Commissioner Hahn and the High Representative Mogherini and their urging to the quickest possible formation of the Council of Ministers of BiH according to the agreement reached by the political leaders of the three constitutive communities.

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