Zovko: Important role of Croatian diaspora in Chile as drivers of development

At today’s AFET session, MEP Zovko’s amendments were adopted as a part of the Report on Recommendation to the European Council, European Commission and Commission Vice-President/High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on negotiations about the updated agreement between the EU and Chile.

Zovko was involved in the Report creation as the EPP rapporteur. The main objective of the Report is to support the progress of negotiations about a new agreement between the EU and Chile. Zovko’s amendments point out to the relevance of Chile as a key partner of the European Union and one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America, the country cultivating the same values as the EU.

Furthermore, Zovko’s amendments stress the importance of advancing by the new agreement the cooperation in fields of human rights, sustainable development, foreign affairs and security, simultaneously reflecting the transformative nature of the Sustainable Development Programme until 2030.

Zovko also mentioned how important it was to support cooperation between the EU and Chile in better control of immigration and prevention of cross-border crime and drug trade.

In the light of EU’s losing its impact in the Latin America, Zovko pointed out to a need to stimulate cultural cooperation and encourage the Chile diaspora, referring primarily to Croatian diaspora, in the European Union in order to provide support for foreign investments both in Chile and the European Union.

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