Zovko for N1: BiH does not have a better friend than Croatia

Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have a better friend than Croatia. – said Željana Zovko, Member of the European Parliament from Croatia for N1. She explained that Croatian MEPs sent a letter to top-level officials of the European Union in a wish to warn about the fact that the new Croat member of the BiH Presidency was not elected in a legitimate manner.

Zovko points out that election of Željko Komšić to the post of the Croat member of the state Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina means that the “electoral will of the BiH Croats was fully neglected and that was the third time that the Croats were deprived of their legitimate representative”.

She further explaind that the main motivation for the Croatian MEPs’ letter was the fact that the “Croatia was a guarantor of the Dayton-Paris Accords”.

“I have been warning about the potential deep crisis for two years already. The decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court have not been implemented. The Election Law issue has not been resolved. The European Union must get involved in order to prevent further development of the problem.” – said Zovko for N1 and added:

“Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have a better friend than the Republic of Croatia. Croatia cares for the peace, stability and the European path of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatia is a guarantor of the Dayton Peace Agreement. Croatia is obliged towards BiH also because 500,000 BiH Croats have citizenship and passports of the Republic of Croatia”.

She further said that the majority of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina cast their votes at the recent general elections for Dragan Čović and the political parties of the Croatian National Congress.

According to Zovko’s assessment, the problem arouse in Bosnia and Herzegovina when the communities were deprived of their legitimate representatives. She denied the statement of the German “Die Spiegel” that the HDZ (Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica) “was heating up the ethnical tensions” during the pre-election campaign.

In the end of the interview, Zovko touched upon the issue of migrants and refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina and said that building a “refugees camp” at the border with Croatia may not be considered help.

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