Zovko: US engagement in European defence initiatives sends a strong message of renewed transatlantic partnership

6 May 2021

Today the Foreign Affairs Council, composed of EU Ministers of Defence, decided positively on the requests by Canada, Norway and the United States to participate in the PESCO project Military Mobility. The admission of these three key partners and NATO allies to this project is of great significance to the transatlantic relationship and will further contribute to the EU-NATO cooperation.

As a member of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence and as EPP shadow rapporteur for the relations with the United States, Željana Zovko welcomed today’s positive decision and stated that participation of these three countries will bring experience and knowledge to the project and further strengthen the efforts to ensure swift mobility of military personnel and materiel across the EU. “I especially welcome the United States’ decision to reinforce our military cooperation and to engage in the EU defence initiatives. This will enhance NATO-EU cooperation, ensure interoperability, and strengthen transatlantic security” stated Zovko and added that Military Mobility is a key programme for EU security and defence, its preparedness and resilience, as well as to its EU CSDP missions and operations.

The PESCO Project Military Mobility was launched in 2018 to synchronise national actions, share best practices and discuss new ways for practical progress on military mobility. It aims to enable the unhindered movement of military personnel and assets within the borders of the EU. This project is part of a broader set of initiatives to improve military mobility, both within the EU, NATO, and not least at the national level.

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