Zovko on the conflict between Israel and Palestine: blood spilling won’t help, we need diplomacy.

Brussels, 18 May 2021


For more than a week, high tensions between Israel and Palestine have led to unrest and violence. During the plenary debates of the European Parliament, Members discussed the emerging clashes and called to end the armed dispute. Željana Zovko stated during her intervention that it is with great sadness that we see civilians being killed in Israel and Gaza.

Zovko stated that civilians in Israel are being exposed to indiscriminate firing of rockets by Hamas and other terrorist groups and that we have to acknowledge that Israel has the right to self-defence in accordance with international law. She also said that war crimes should be called war crimes. “The worst war crime is the use of a human shield in order to gain public support.”

Zovko called for an urgent de-escalation of the conflict and urged for the involvement of those who can mediate in this dispute. “Spilling of blood calls unfortunately for more blood. We need courageous diplomacy to open channels for dialogue and end the conflict.” She stated. She also condemned the increasing antisemitic behaviour that comes along with this conflict on European soil.

“In this terrible time of the pandemic, when the disease is taking more human victims than any war, perpetrators of this conflict are just adding more sorrow to our daily tragedies. While some people are investing in vaccines, others invest in rockets. The history will be the judge and ask: where were those peacemakers and visionaries that we need now?” Zovko concluded.





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