Zovko: Without adequate cybersecurity, we expose ourselves and our society


Strasbourg 3 May 2022


The Members of the European Parliament discussed today the EU preparedness against cyber-attacks following the Russian invasion on Ukraine. Vice Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee Željana Zovko called for caution as cyberattacks are a fast growing criminal activity.

Zovko stated that while the Russian invasion in Ukraine is mostly an offensive on the ground, experts warn for increasing cyberattacks as a countermeasure against our sanctions. “The EU has to be prepared. We cannot allow a reactive approach. We need a pro-active cyber-defence.” Zovko stated. “I regret to learn that the Court of Auditors recently concluded that the European Union bodies and agencies are insufficiently secured.” She said and added that a few days ago, the head of the EU’s cybersecurity agency said that the incident reporting system is too bureaucratic and does not work.

The European legislators are currently working on an update to the EU Directive on Security of Network and Information Systems with the aim to achieve a high common level of cybersecurity across the Member States. Zovko calls on the negotiators to address these issues and to provide a blueprint a better secured European Union.

Zovko said that although digitalisation is crucial for our economic wellbeing, the more we digitalize key infrastructures and critical sectors, the more vulnerable we get for cyber criminality. “We have called on stronger European defence and cyber security is a crucial part of it. I am afraid that without adequate cybersecurity, we expose ourselves and our society.” Zovko concluded.

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