Zovko calls to re-energise the EU enlargement policy

Strasbourg, 22 November 2022


The European Parliament held a debate on its recommendations for a new EU enlargement Strategy ahead of the vote on the report on Wednesday.

Vice Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee Željana Zovko stated that enlargement of the EU is a strategic investment in stability, prosperity and security on the European continent and that in these challenging times, the EU should re-energise its enlargement policy.

After having granted candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, Zovko says that the EU has to promote the enlargement discourse in the Western Balkans. She referred to her amendments to the report in which she calls for more visibility of the EU funding and of tangible results of assistance to the enlargement countries.

“The countries need roadmaps with concrete objectives and enhanced support in open reform procedures while respecting the pluri-ethnic identity of the countries.” Zovko stated.

The final report calls to grant candidate status to Bosnia and Herzegovina in line with the Commission recommendation last month. In cooperation with Zovko, the EPP Group has tabled an amendment that adds the European Parliament’s support to Bosnia and Herzegovina to finalize the pending constitutional and electoral reforms in the country as a step towards the stabilisation of the country and the region.

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