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Objavljeno: 22.6.2022.

European Parliament discusses report on implementation of inclusion measures in Erasmus+

Brussel, 22 June 2022


The European Parliament will vote tomorrow on the report on the implementation of inclusion measures within Erasmus+ 2014-2022. The report analyses the program in the last Multiannual Financial Framework and gives recommendations on how Erasmus+ can me improved in the current financial period. Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko acted as negotiator on behalf of EPP Group.

“This year we celebrate the 35th anniversary of Erasmus+. Meanwhile, more than 12 million European citizens have participated in this exchange programme. As a true flagship initiative, Erasmus+ is one of the most successful examples of European integration.” Zovko stated during the debate on the report.

“The programme has evolved over time and has offered life-changing experiences to a growing range of citizens, from students to young professionals, from higher education to vocational training. The report that we are about to adopt assesses the inclusivity of the programme and recommends measures to widen the audience even more, providing chances to those citizens with fewer opportunities and in more remote areas, such as peripheral regions and islands.” Zovko explains.

“Participation to Erasmus+ is open for countries outside the EU. On initiative of the EPP, the report calls for better cooperation with Western Balkan countries and other partners of the EU in our Eastern and Southern neighbourhood as a necessity to improve partnership and European integration.” Zovko stated.

Zovko says that the report calls to reduce bureaucracy and complicated administrative procedures to access the programme and asks for the increase of the 2023 budget for Erasmus+ to be dedicated to full implementation of inclusion measures. In order to ensure that resources and projects are distributed fairly in each Member State, the report encourages Member States and national agencies to facilitate more educational seminars for staff that implements programme, promotes training and support to educators, grassroots organisations in all areas and supports the exchange of best practices between Member States.

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