Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 19.1.2021.

Zovko calls for a more vocal EU to resolve frozen conflicts

Brussels, 19 January 2021, 

During this week’s plenary session in the European Parliament, members will vote on the annual reports on common foreign and security policies and common security and defence policies. The report reflects the developments on the geopolitical scene and assesses the challenges for the EU’s global role in the future. Vice Chair of the Committee of Foreign Affairs Zeljana Zovko contributed to the drafting of the report and highlighted her views during the debate.

Zovko stressed that in this volatile world, there is a need for a European Union that is more vocal in mediation and peaceful resolution of ongoing frozen conflicts. According to Zovko, the recent developments in the South Caucasus serve as an example of such conflicts.  She also stresses that the EU must help its partners with capacity building for peace and security in Africa, and must rebuild its transatlantic relations with the new US administration based on common interests in foreign and security policy. At the same time, the EU should increase its efforts strengthening its strategic autonomy. 

In her intervention, Zovko also referred to the peace agreement concluded in an American base in Ohio, ending one of the most televised wars on European soil 25 years ago. “To end this war, Croatia has offered itself to its American partners, to do the dirty job on the ground, in order to prevent another carnage that was menacing the town of Bihac after Srebrenica.” Zovko stated. She said that the Western Balkans Summit tried to focus the European attention back to this region. “As frontier country and member of NATO, Croatia, be vigilant regarding your responsibilities in this respect.” Zovko concluded.

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