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Objavljeno: 31.5.2018.

Zovko: Civil protection capacities of EU member-countries must be strengthened and supplemented by available EU instruments (video)

Strasbourg, 30 May 2018 – Member of the European Parliament Željana Zovko has participated today in Strasbourg in the debate on the Report on the proposal of the European Parliament and the Council on changes to the Decision 1313/2013 on Union civil protection mechanism. MEP Zovko was involved in creation of the Report as DEVE rapporteur.

Zovko started his speech by saying that national-level civil protection capacity must be strengthened and supplemented by available EU instruments – in this particular case – Union civil protection mechanism.

“Last summer, fires in Southern Europe caused many human casualties and a huge material damage. In addition, they pointed out to gaps in the existing mechanisms for large disasters management.“ – said Zovko.

Zovko further mentioned that according to the adopted amendments, the Commission remains responsible for allocation of capacities of the rescEU system, whereas the member-countries keep operational control over the areas affected by the crisis. The Report envisages the maximum co-financing rate of 55% of acceptable transportation costs for the EU member-countries, which may not participate in the joint European civil protection capacities, what may be extremely important for the Republic of Croatia.

In the context of development policy, Zovko welcomed the provisions which enable international cooperation in field of civil protection.

“The adopted provisions enable the increase of the capacities for training and exchange of know-how between the European Union and international organisations and the third countries in order to support fulfilment of international obligation of disaster risk reduction, particularly those defined by the Sendai Framework.“ – said Zovko at the end of her speech.

Voting is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, 31 May.

MEP Zovko’s speech (video):

Commissioner Stylianides’ speech (video):


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