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Objavljeno: 30.1.2023.

Zovko co-organised an EPP Group event in Tallinn on European security

Tallinn, 30 January 2023

The EPP Group in the European Parliament hosted an event in Tallinn on Security and Defence of the European Union, co-organised by Željana Zovko, EPP Group Vice President. Leaders and Members of the EPP from various parliamentary assemblies and in charge of security and defence policies gathered to discuss how to create a stronger and more resilient European Union. The war in Ukraine has initiated a series of changes in the policies across Europe, which have the potential to re-shape Europe’s security and defence.

As Vice President, Zovko is responsible for the coordination of foreign policy among EPP members of the parliamentary assemblies of NATO, OSCE and Council of Europe. “While the EPP is well-represented in these political fora, the different delegations act in parallel and could use more adequate communication and policy coordination. By bringing EPP delegations together in Tallinn, we can make tangible progress on our common position and jointly work on our European security. This joint endeavour will strengthen our party’s influence and will allow us to occupy a more prominent position in European politics.” Zovko stressed.

Together with Zovko, EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber and Riho Terras MEP, Head of Estonian Delegation in the EPP Group delivered the opening remarks, followed by a keynote presentation by Estonia’s Foreign Minister Urmas Reinslau. Afterwards, Zovko moderated the first of two panel discussions covering the topic “a new era for European Defence and Security”.

Zovko underlined that this event was a kick-off of a series that she will co-organize this year to bring the European debate closer to the domestic politics.

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