Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 14.2.2023.

Zovko: We are committed in supporting Tunisia in overcoming the crisis but stand firm on the need to improve the respect of rule of law, democracy and human rights

Strasbourg, 14 February 2023


Members of the European Parliament debated today on the current situation in Tunisia. The country is currently experiencing a severe political and economic crisis that started after the President shut down the parliament, changed the constitution, seized control of the independent electoral commission and the limited the independence of judiciary and freedom of the media.

In her statement, Vice Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs Željana Zovko pointed at the historically low turnout of only over 11%, that displays the disappointment of the Tunisian people in the political elite.

Zovko emphasized that Tunisia is a key country for the European Union in the Southern Neighbourhood that has received substantial support.  “We have a good cooperation with Tunisia on number of issues and especially in the field of migration. The European Union is committed to continue this support to help the country overcome the financial and economic crisis but stands firm on the need to improve the respect of rule of law, democracy and human rights” Zovko concluded and called on President Saied to start an inclusive national dialogue to overcome the crisis and return to the path Tunisians set out in 2011.

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