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Objavljeno: 27.4.2021.

Zovko: We insist on a key role for the European Parliament in the scrutiny and monitoring of the EU-UK agreement

Brussels, 27 April 2021.


The European Parliament votes today on the Trade and Cooperation Agreement that sets out the rules of the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom. The adoption of the agreement brings an end to Brexit chapter and the four years of negotiations.

During the debate in the plenary session, Member of the European Parliament Zovko underlined that this is a milestone decision. After the deal was concluded during cliffhanger negotiations last Christmas, the adoption of the agreement will provide legal certainty to the benefit of both EU and UK citizens.

Zovko also took a moment to thank EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier and his team for their hard work. She also expressed her gratitude for the work of the European Parliament’s UK Coordination Group, headed by AFET Chairman David McAllister for ensuring a continued representation of the European Parliament’s interests in the talks with the British counterparts.

Zovko stressed that it is paramount that also after the adoption of the agreement, the European Parliament remains closely engaged. “We insist on a key role in the monitoring and scrutiny of the proper implementation of the agreement. Parliament should be involved when important decisions of Union actions under the Agreement will be made,” Zovko stated.

Zovko also highlighted that the agreement is not exhaustive and that it lacks content on foreign policy and security cooperation.  Moreover, she adds that “As a former student in London, I deeply regret the decision of the United Kingdom to leave the Erasmus+ programme.” Zovko called on the United Kingdom to reconsider its position and rejoin the programme in the future.

Zovko concluded her intervention with a reference to the situation in Northern Ireland. “I left London in the year that the Good Friday Agreement entered into force. Personally, I know how peace and stability can be fragile if international agreements are not respected. We, in the European Parliament, will be vigilant”, she said.


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