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Objavljeno: 8.3.2022.

Zovko: Let’s make BiH a success story by finally reforming the electoral law


Strasbourg, 8 March 2022

During the monthly plenary session of the European Parliament, representatives held a debate on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The discussion started with a statement of Commissioner Varhelyi after which several members of different political groups took the floor.
Vice Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament Željana Zovko intervened in the debate by stressing the urgency to find a breakthrough in the negotiations for the electoral law in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She stated that the debate should serve as a public appeal to the political leaders to solve the real problem that the country is facing on the eve of the elections.

Zovko said that it should be the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with their voting right and not the international community, that sanctions the policy makers for their work over the last few years, including war rhetoric, separatist rhetoric and unitarist rhetoric. According to Zovko, this can only happen with the only possible tool invented by the democratic society, a functioning electoral law, reformed in accordance with constitutional and international court decisions

Zovko also referred to the Mostar agreement. “For twelve years, citizens of Mostar did not have the privilege to elect their officials due to the hesitance from the international community’s side to push for a solution. Now, Mostar is an example of political success. Let’s make Bosnia and Herzegovina and its electoral law a success and give the people a chance to use their power that they deserve to decide, as every vote counts.” Zovko concluded.

Next week, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament will host in depth hearings on Bosnia and Herzegovina with political leaders from the country and representatives of the EU delegation.




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