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Objavljeno: 15.5.2022.

Zovko meets with policy makers at Heritage Foundation in Washington DC

Washington, 15 May 2022

During her visit to Washington DC as Vice President of the EPP Group in the European Parliament, Zeljana Zovko, took part in a meeting organised by Max Primorac, Senior Research Fellow for International Economics & Foreign Aid of the Heritage Foundation. Among the other participants were Steve Pinkos, former Deputy National Security Advisor and Director of Domestic Policy for Vice-President Mike Pence, Jim Richardson, former Director of US Foreign Assistance Resource, Jacob Olidort, Director of the Center for Security, American First Policy Institute, Nina Shea, Senior Fellow & Director at the Center for Religious Freedom at Hudson Institute, Andrew Braun, Government Relations Manager at the Allison Davis Institute for National Security & Foreign Policy and Dr. Nile Gardiner Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at Heirtage Foundation.

The participants discussed the European and American policies regarding China and Russia, the situation in Ukraine and Europe after the invasion by Russia and the latest developments in American politics in light of the upcoming midterm elections. “The meeting at the Heritage Foundation delivered a great insight in the political priorities of the US at the moment. During these challenging times for our European security, it is motivating to hear supporting words from partner countries. I thank Max Primorac for hosting the meeting and to facilitate our engagements in Washington DC” Zovko stated.

In the concluding part of her mission, Zovko travelled to Chicago to meet with local civil society and Croatian representatives. Zovko attended the Croatian Mass on Sunday and visited the Meštrović monuments. “These beautiful sculptures are emblematic for the cultural bond between the EU and US.” Zovko stated.

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