Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 13.12.2022.

Zovko in plenary session in favour of the two-state solution

Strasbourg, 13 December 2022


In its December plenary session, the European Parliament held a debate to discuss the prospects of a two-state solution. After the elections in Israel of 1 November 2022, a new government is in the making. This development could pave the way to a resumption of the dialogue with the leaders of the Palestinian Authorities.

Željana Zovko, Vice Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee supports the idea of a negotiated two-state solution. She said it would bring an end a long-lasting conflict in the Middle East and allow the States of Israel and Palestine to live side by side with guarantees for the region’s peace and security.

She stated that the continued political stalemate and the continued escalations and violent attacks on security forces and citizens are incompatible with a peaceful resolution to the conflict and added that also further illegal settlements would undermine the process.

“With the Abraham Accords, Israel has shown its wish to better its relations with other Arab States. It recently settled a maritime dispute with Lebanon. Based on these improvements with the region, parties can build the support to resume the negotiations, which did not take place since 2014.” Zovko said.

According to the MEP, peace in the Middle East is a key priority for the EU and it is crucial to continue investing in the trust building and reconciliation process. “I urge the EEAS and the EU Member States to enhance their cooperation with the parties involved and work towards the normalisation of relations and to oppose any acts that undermine the prospects of a two-state solution.” Zovko concluded.

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