Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 20.4.2022.

Zovko: questioning the notion of constituent peoples means questioning the BiH constitution

Brussels, 20 April 2022


The members of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament (AFET) have discussed the draft report on the 2021 Commission report on Bosnia and Herzegovina. With the report, the Parliament aims to provide its view on the current situation in the country and to highlight what needs to be done to in its European integration process.

Vice Chair AFET Zeljana Zovko commended the rapporteur for his realistic approach and stated that the draft report is a good basis on which the committee can continue to find suitable wording to fully cover the political, economic and societal situation and to reflect on the reform progress. Ms Zovko particularly welcomes the reference to the constituent peoples and the call for an agreement on the new electoral law. However, she underlined that certain key elements are still lacking.

Zovko said that she plans to table amendments that clarify the need to achieve legitimate representation through changes to the electoral law and to return to the spirit of the Dayton Paris Peace Agreement. The upcoming elections should be held in a good and orderly manner. According to Zovko, this policy line has recently been confirmed by High Representative Josep Borrell and has been included in the EU’s Strategic Compass. Zovko said “If you question the concept of constituent peoples, you questions the BiH constitution.”

The draft report on Bosnia and Herzegovina is now open for amendments within AFET and a committee vote on the final document is scheduled for 2 June. Afterwards, the file will move to the plenary procedure.


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