Željana Zovko

Objavljeno: 29.11.2018.

Zovko visited the University of Padova

Bruxelles, 24 November 2018


Before the today s Conference in Padua, at which the main topic of discussion will be the political future of the European Union, MEP Zovko visited yesterday the University of Padua and met the Head of the University Rosario Rizzuto and the Regional Coordinator of Forza Italia for the Veneto region Cristiano Satorato.


The University of Padua was founded in 1222. It is the second oldest University in Italy, also famous for having Galileo Galilei for a lecturer and for the fact that the first European female graduate student graduated at this University.

The famous circular-shaped medicine lecture room at this University is the oldest in the world, originating from 1594, known as the Anatomy Arena or the first world s Anatomy Theatre. It was established by a team of professors and students, who left the University of Bologna in a search for an educational institution offering higher academic freedom.

MEP Željana Zovko participates in the Conference “Beyond this European Union to save Europe” (ital. “Oltre questa Unione Europea per salvare l Europe”), organised by the MEP Elisabetta Gardini in Padua. The participants will discuss the issues of migration, external policy and EU policies and regulations through the prism of entrepreneurs and academia.

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